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Reviews for "Get Over It"


i think i listened 10 times and i'm still not bored :) nice


This is the most epic song that i have heard on NG. I downloaded it yesterday and it is almost the onely song that i have bin listening to since. =)

Now this is pretty Bad ass.

It's a nice song, and the vocals are SO damn familiar. they sounds like either something else I've heard on here or basshunter. but it definitely didn't take away from the originality of this song. so you have a 4, an 8/10 review, a fave, and a download my friend. lol


No I will not give you any advice!

very nice!!!

this song is powerful and easy to listen at the same time. very good job. one question: what program did u use to make it?

DJVI responds:

I'm using FL Studio 8. And thx for your comment (=