Reviews for "Star Trek: Borg (demo)"

Fun. Like the music.

it has awsome music. and good gameplay.

not bad for a demo

i hope you plan on releasing a full version, as has been previously said this is lacking but it is still a demo so it's forgivable. the controls as they are for ship movement arent very effective, its more luck that youre able to dodge incoming fire than anything, and only having a laser is kinda boring. I hope the full version has more depth but for a demo this was ok.


the video part wouldn't initalize untill I right clicked and hit forward(hint hint) also, the video part should play by itself, and the graphics were frankly bad

Needs a...

PRELOADER!!! I couldn't even play it because of the load!

needs updates!!!

the first time i tried to play, i pressed engage an just got a black screen.

the second time, i tried to destroy the hive (as told), but instead shot the borg-cube - and lost. that's annoying! you should tell the player before, that the captain is on board. then i tried again and won, but it was very hard, because of the controls: i actually targeted the hive, but instead scored a hit at the cube.

you need to update the briefing and the controls. in the given shape this game is pretty lame. keep it up!