Reviews for "North Park - VCE IT"


I'll give u a 10 cause the first time a watched it in class it was funny, but i watched it then and it looks so shit compared to all ur other ones.....PUT THE MULTI ONE ON!!!!
(oh by the way, wasnt one of those characters based on me???)

Budj responds:

Silly Ray Ray. I was originally gonna base a character off you, but I kinda didn't want to. :sadface:


I'm never changin' that Image,
Like I did to South Fart...
Wich is still on my favorites.

Wow a funny animation!

Cool dude! It's okay if there are some mistakes but it matters with interest and better relations with your school assignment

Yeah alright.

It's a good parody of South Park, you can probably make a better story next time but the characters were well done. I'll bet they were based on your friends right?

I love it! It's like badly dubbed south park!

God i felt like i was watching like an arabian version of South park what with the Kenny clone wrapped in like a turban like thing.

Very good endnig. had me laughing.

I don't know if the talking scheme was intentional, but if it was it kind of add to the show but it took away from it also if you understand my meaning. i mean, it looked funny because it made it look like it came from a foreign country, but it made the whole show look kind of terrible in the whole perspective.

all in all though, awesome job. 8 stars.!