Reviews for "North Park - VCE IT"


the only bit i liked was the end bit when he swears and the credits roll, but the other stuff wasnt really funny. if you had managed to sort out the rather creepy way their mouths kept talking when they stopped, and maybe worked on the humor this could be pretty kool

although fair do's if its just for school

ill give you an 8, for effort

I love it! It's like badly dubbed south park!

God i felt like i was watching like an arabian version of South park what with the Kenny clone wrapped in like a turban like thing.

Very good endnig. had me laughing.

I don't know if the talking scheme was intentional, but if it was it kind of add to the show but it took away from it also if you understand my meaning. i mean, it looked funny because it made it look like it came from a foreign country, but it made the whole show look kind of terrible in the whole perspective.

all in all though, awesome job. 8 stars.!

I like it!

Dude i thought it was good and funny.
True it was lacking in some parts but then again it was only for school/work/college!

Keep trying and post some more stuff :)


wasent great the lip's still moving after they finnish'd talking and the name remind's me of blind's northpark ripoff of soutpark all in all if this was for a project use it there not here if you want it here make it a bit longer and make the character's move

was kinda funny

it wasnt great, i really irritated me on the mouth animation, thats the one thing that must be a lot better.