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Reviews for "Livecorpse Remembered 07"


I'm pretty sure that wasn't quoted from him. Or he quoted it from someone else.

JujubeLock responds:

Well, if you look hard enough, you'll see where I found it.

RIP a complicated and talented person

Livecorpse was a really complicated, tortured person. He had a lot of personal issues that kept him from functioning like a "normal" person. I still remember vividly when the thread came up in the BBS that he had passed. I was in shock. Here, a person who had reviewed some of my movies (and vice versa) had taken his own life in a surreal incident. His Flash work was often violent and gory, but if you looked past that there was a lot more than met the eye. Just the other day I watched his last movie again and it made me really sad. A lot of people lambasted him with derogatory Flash works when he took his own life. I thought it was a really fucked up thing to do, yet in his own words he reviled himself for what he did to that police officer.

Such a waste. He was so young and had his whole life ahead of him. He could have used his prison time to sort out his personal issues, but he'll never know now. He abandoned those he loved, and he hated himself for it. Such a waste. Such a waste of talent and heart. I still think about him and the few kind words that we exchanged in life.

Thanks for keeping his memory alive. I have been contemplating a flash dedicated to his life, and one day I might complete it. He was worthy of so much more than the tragic life and death he was given.


JujubeLock responds:

Never forget

Its nice

Its nice to remember someone
But if i may critize on the flash
If you are going to make a flash in ones name
Make it a great flash
Its a good quote though
R.I.P Livecorpse

JujubeLock responds:

There were many flash made back when he died in 2004.

A poor requiem.

A looping techno beat and an angsty, albeit apparently original, quote?
I hope any artistic friends I have will put more effort in to my memories if need be.
Please, motions, animation, anything particularly of interest please, next time you submit.
Maybe you could've made a compilation of some of his submissions or something, i dunno.

JujubeLock responds:

It was his music and his quote.


This was the awesomest flash ever soo cool and techno..

JujubeLock responds:

methinks this review is abusive