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Reviews for "A very serious matter"


Well done sir. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Pretty damn good

I don't know quite what it was about, but good answer! well deserving of an 8.


dude! this rapes some! freaking awsome work. style, sound, visuals all brilliant.
even the opening scene and the flashlight effect. lets have some moar!

My word

I remember hearing this years ago, i even tried animating at one point (quite funny too, considering you did a lot of things how i was planning to do them too), But your style suite the song perfectly, and the expressions were spot on :D

Oh wow!

I've listened to that song LOADS of times while making Game Over!!
As stated before "bloody brilliant!!!!"
To anyone wondering whither or not to watch this, DO!!!
This has been done SSSSSOOOOOOO well!!!!
You should totally do this for a side job Tony!! :D
I can't even describe how impressive this thing is!
You totally deserve at least 5 awards and to be on the front page and be in the top 50 for this! ^^