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Reviews for "A very serious matter"

I Don't Care Either!

Haha, very funny, keep it up!

Hillarous, but I have one small issue

When the guy says BRID, which is short for bridlington. A coastal resort in england you somehow think that he is saying brandon??? Which is a name! ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?! Sorry I just dont even understand how you could possibly interpret the word brid, which contains one syllable with the word brandon which contains two... God you americans took the english language, shat on it, buried it, dug it back up, tortured it and then set it on fire >.< END RANT//.

Apart from that.
Keep up the good work =D

AntonyC responds:

Dear Rancourous internet-cartoon critic,

Please to be listening now of me for make-benefit goodly understanding.

I'm not American.

Half the folks who listen to this are convinced (as I was) that he's saying "Brandon" Which is one of at least five different places in England, one of which is close to Leeds -Where David and Crust hang out- and is a known Chav-town (think Devvo).

Aaaand on top of all that, King David -who absolutely freaking adores this and wants to have my children- emailed me personally to correct me. it turns out they're actually saying "Bread".


Thanks for commenting :D

love it

that movie was sweet. i dont care

Straight to favorites.

No really, I do care though.

Awesome video, awesome song.

A very fun music video.

Awesome. Very nice animation, and the song...well, it was David Firth singing, something I've always wanted to hear. :D Good job, really liked this.