Reviews for "A Glass Half Empty"

THe intro kind of sounds like

Last Resort by Papa Roach. Like the rest thoough

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Thats prolly why it sounded so familiar when I first played it on the piano...

So catchy ....

There wasn't a single thing I didn't like about this song. Especially around 1:08 to 1:52 ish... all of that was really sweet~ One of my favorite songs of yours :D

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Thanks :). That lead synth is Claw. Its truly amazing and versatile. Thanks for your support :)

Rock on!

Bro you did a very nice job here and beleve me i listen a lot of music daily but this was one of the best!!keep it up

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Thanks :) very positive feedback

liking the riff

keep up the good work



Very catchy tune. DEFIANTLY worth time to just sit down and listen to it yourself. Well at least, in my opinion. I always seem soothed by the smallest things.

Loved the drums, the lead, and the pad/orch or such in the background. I'ma just give it a 9/10 and 5/5. Keep it up. (:

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Thanks. :) I've had this riff for over a year, and I had written a full length piano piece featuring it (speaking of which, it's still unnamed). I couldn't figure out how to apply it electronically for sometime, but this is a labor of 2 hours or so of love.