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Reviews for "ZOMBOY"

Hey a Xaviousz.....

Dont you remeber "The Last Stand"? The defence game were you fought off invading hordes of zombies and was a number one flash of all time for a month? The person who made it, made it in one try. He had never made another flash. that takes raw, un-learnable talent. Thats what you have Voodazz. Raw, un-learnable, talent. I would love to see this into a series. With this kind of work, you would have the next blockbluster series sitting in your lap. I REALLY loved. Keep it up.


well executed man, never knew zombies could drive!


i hope theres more that was freaking awsome haha very frist of its kind i've seen

Zombies are people too...

Stop the abuse today! Please, think of the zombies. Seriously though, this is top notch, and I'm glad this is going to be a series.


That was so awesome and funny!!!
(I can't believe this didn't get first prize...)