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Reviews for "ZOMBOY"

Woah, he was still alive??

Awsome that you grabbed the idea of comparing dream and Zombies who could think for their self.. Laughed a bit when the dumb farmer throwed stuff at Zomboy (if that's his name..) :)

one word(ok two)

weird and AWESOME

you should make a series

very good and original, it's about time someone took on te idea of zombies being able to think. my guess is you saw the Xombie flashes right if not check them out there awesome. and you should make a whole bunch o f oter series based on this drema you had have zomboy travel the u.s. and my guess is he left the guy for the other zombies who weren't as smart as him right?. once again you did a very good job and should make a series


nice pistol. Looked so real

Pretty good

It was well animated and such, I just thought the trucker on the ground with a bullet in his head sequence was a bit drawn out, as was the zombie walking... Keep animating, it is looking good.