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Reviews for "ZOMBOY"

dont bother watching

it is stupid, here is the story

zombie walks
redneck hits zombie with like brick
zombie shoots guy in head (the guy stays alive though.. its wierd)
zombie takes his keys... and drives away with the guys car
dead guys sees like 5 zombies slowly walk to him before he dies

this doesnt make sense to you??? yeah... neither will the movie

Well you lost me...

I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on... but it was good anyways... kina

well that was a twist I didn't see coming.

a zombie who can fire guns and drive cars.
kind of breaks cannon, but heck, it works.
The whole show I was thinking, that hick's dumber than any zombie I've ever seen!

made me lol

not all head shots kill instantly, depending where they hit someone can live with a bullet in their brain. look what happened to that one guy in the Ronald ragain assassination.; most of his brains leaked into the swear drain. can think of the guys name but he did get a law named after him.