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Reviews for "ZOMBOY"


this movie was great i loved it
and to Zeddog
you obviosly have no attention spam
and cant watch a video with no action
i hope your a.d.d cures Zeddog (not really)

Very Original

I wholefully can understand how a hillbilly survive a somewhat serious injury. A traumatism to the head would be fatal since the brain would be wounded, but a typical hillbilly doesn't feature a brain so he doesn't die when shot in the head. :D
Overall awesome consistent art and good sound effects. GJ!

worst video ever

dude that sucked,no action or anything,i gov that a big 0


that was funny. and the pose and art after he shot him was masterfuly done overall vernice job

It was okay

It was worthy of a few giggles. Such as the brick or the keg to the face. But how was the redneck able to stay alive for 5 minutes AFTER he was shot in the head? Can someone explain that to me please? Zomboy should've just bit the redneck or eaten his brain and gone on to the next down.