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Reviews for "ZOMBOY"

zombie yeh!

if you make it longer it will be a really good movie the parts where zombie eat flesh and brains are missing but it was good!
and zombies can't shoot and drive cars the best zombies that i like are the dumb ones that can sprint.


oh yeah, this flash was the awesome XD funny too. great design. i like how it all came together. not much vocal, but ya'know what? it didnt need any. this was just too great! coulda been longer tho.

Give it time...

A brief start, but It wants too bad, with enough time I'm sure you can pull this together and give it the major boost it will need for newgrounds. Hell, you might even pull out the next big series. Work hard man, work hard.


the audio was a little bit annoynig, and a man can't survive that long with a bullet in his head!

but it's a nice movie..

Well... that was... ironic?

I certainly didn't expect it. Great movie.