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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"

This game owns!

cool game i played it hours

Same Exact Game As AOD:Survival.

I feel as though I've already reviewed this game. Maybe that's because I have. There is no difference between this and AOD:Survival. I gave that game a four, so I shall give this game a four. If you want to see my full review of what I think then go over to AOD:Survival and see what I had to say. I know that there are small differences, but they are too close to the same. Don't post the same game twice next time.

Oh yeah!

a nice game!

Great stuff

first began i thought to myself nice graphics after the second level i thought it was going too be another shooting game that was going too bore me but way to mix it up really made the game what it is its a great job.

good game

good game can't really think of anything wrong with it except that it got a little boring after a while as far as i got