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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"

Game Freezes

On the first level you can get the rifle, it has frozen on me several times.


i killed 3 ppl and i already got bored


Kept me going for a while but a bit hard. Level 8 is impossible. A machine gun would have made bits easier. What's the energy core for?! Takes to long to get weapons besides pistols, s. guns, snipers, etc. Still, though, a nice effort.

pretty cool game

this game was pretty challenging.. you should give more points for money though it was kinda hard to buy and complete the wepons you needed..
but overall it was a kool game. =]


I thought that was pretty fun! It was challenging though but I liked it! Although you can make a different version of the view, instead of shooting the person, you make buildings and help them defend you town! I think you will get a better review and a better score like that! Any way awesome game!!