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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"


this game was very very good the graphics were good but the enamys are pretty fast pace


it's quite bad to have a game where the enemys can attack you before you even see them...

i had gunners stuck off screen atking my base, couldnt shoot them so i died

too hard

it's a good game but it gets very hard a few rounds after the bomb guys come it would make it alot easier to kill them it you didn't have to wait for it to reload because the bomb guys are so fast and in the time it takes to reload they will be halfway towards your base and another 5 or 6 will have arrived plus the guns should do more damage, it made my hamd hurt from contantly having to click and it takes 3 or 4 shots to kill one and you have to reload after you kill 2 or 3 guys

This is pretty good

I agree with the guy below me on this one, it is a bit unrealistic. But that is OK. But one man has saved the day plenty of times. Master Chief saved Earth, Commander Shepard saved the galaxy, and Kratos saved Greece. One man can do a lot, and this game did a good job of proving that. The visuals and gameplay are nice, and the sound? Well, it wasn't horrible. I think that this game is very well put together.


Great game. Bit difficult, bit unrealistic... A city being protected from small armies by one guy with a pistol? But regardless, it is a really good game. 10/10