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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"

It was...Annoying...more or less...

The game had great Graphics and a good story line...but what it lacked most was good gameplay. The main gun could kill just about every thing which is good when your out of ammo but there should be a way to inprove your weapons. What I mean by this is you should make it so that the weapons are easily to upgrade and become stronger with each upgrade and can hold more ammo, stuff like that.

You should work on making the weapons a little better, the rifle was good on the steath guy and the bikers but sucked when it came to the very easy soldiers.

I got to level 14 and didn't have enough cash to buy the weapons I needed.
Sure some can say it is because I didn't do well in the level before...which can be true but the game should be entertaining and should want to make you play it over and over again not make you want to start over just so you can beat the game.

A Pause menu, In game shop, Auto turrets, an army of your own and other great ideas could help this game become the next hot flash game played on many websites.

Thank you for reading this and have a gameful day!


it was good but when the kamikazes revenge is freaken hard


It has good graphics but it is the most boring game I have ever played!

At least make it so you have more things to do instead of SHOOT SOLDIERS ALL DAY!


Just didnt like it,I guess i Hate these games!
Sorry,got to lev 7,and was like...whoa,Theres that new portal 2d game. *played portal*
Decent graphics,well pretty good actually :P bit hard i reckon.

pretty cool pretty cool

yea i beat it pretty easily.. basically the main gun could take down just about anything in 2 to 3 clips

shotgun was good for groups of bombers soldiers and even took the bikers out in one hit.. i think the shotgun and the rifle were about the same..

the only useful part for the rifle was the cloaked soldiers

the rockets did well on the upright machines and nukes did well on the all 4 machines but not visa versa

the lazer ran out way to fast i wish i could buy ammo in the middle of the mission because every time the girl told me to use a weapon on something i would run out of lazer real quick and had to go back to the main gun

good game hopefully more weapons, more upgrades for defense, and maybe even a new system for buying ammo