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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"

improvement possible, good though

This game keeps you on your toes, and it sort of cheats you out of weaponry, after all, how the hell can one soldier defend a city with a pistol? It is a great game though, classic anime style, reminds me of Robotech somehow. It is funny how you can see a battle in the background... yet you have no cannon-turrets like the city in the background does. Don't worry though, i'm jusst giving you a hard time, great game, could use some improvement.
...I also like the anime-style character that comes up in the screen at the end of each level.

Difficult, but fun

It's an interesting game to be sure, but a little tricky on level ten.

Like the cute chick in green too! What's her name, anyway?


a defense game where i dont just watch, finally

It's allright

The Game is decent, just the beginning isn't so great. At first one doesn't know that the Gun reloads itself, so one wonders "Why can't I shoot?", and so I tried to use the different weapons and needless to say, I got an Game Over then.
Later on it also gets pretty hard, so it's not for everybody.


This is better than other defense games. The others ones you buy stuff and sit back and do nothing. This one makes you click and shoot which is WAY better then nothing. 5/5 10/10