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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"

this sucks

because its not balanced. thats the worst thing a game can be.


I enjoyed myself. Those tips were quite helpful. Had a lil' trouble with the kamikaze wave, but the rest was challenging enough for me. A tip to all those who are having trouble in the beginning: headshots are your friend. They one-shot soldiers, kamikazes, and stealth soldiers (if you got that kind of skill).

Not so good

The fact that you start with a pistol isnt so bad the fact that it takes that long to reload makes it very hard to get past lvl 2 which I couldnt. I mean even if there was no reload time I couldnt shoot down all those suicidal guys, also it should heal the city after each level but of corse it doesn unless you use gold.


so the guys run super fast and ur gun takes 2 years to reload thats dumb and u can't just upgrade u have to wait till they give it to u? thats not an upgrade thats them saying ok the enemys are a little tougher so heres a gun that makes it feel balanced , no sir this is not a good game

It's satisfying to play

It isn't the best defense game but it satisfying. If it isn't challenging enough for you play this in a dark room where you can barely see the keyboard and see how far you can get.