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Reviews for "Army of Destruction"


try better


u dont think that, that maybey just a little to many invisible guys on that one level i mean they were basicly like normal infantry but u dont have the nesscery firepower to brign them down befor its to late. other than that good game


That Hurt. Ok i'll fess up the main thing that drew me to this game was thats womens breasts but i found a challenging and interesting game. Nicely done

Too hard on Lvl 4 or 5

Good game, but you need to put another weapon or fewer enemies in the level where the cloaked units a introduced.

Very cool, but I experienced problems.

There were times where I was unable to shoot the enemies. The foot soldiers would be still and I blasted away but no health was taken away. I wonder if anyone else had that problem. I liked the game and I hope to see more from your group.