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Reviews for "Dire Dire Pokemon (8bit)"

I really like this.

I love the fact that you made this 8-bit. Really good work.

seargenthippo responds:

Thank you!

Not a bad little remix at all.

Never imagined these two songs could mash together so fluidly. I think the 8-bit really captures the excitement of the songs; you get sucked into the nostalgia of the GameBoy days and then BOOM! Here's some Mario to keep you guessing. The only criticism I can muster up here is I think the glissando falls you have in there every bar are a bit much; don't need to remove them, but they are overpowering and distracting from the real treat of this song.

Fantastic mash-up; keep up your good work.

GREAT! I Love this well done! Bleeeeep!