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Reviews for "Dire Dire Pokemon (8bit)"

i think i jizzed, in my pants

and did a little dance, all the way to france, while taking off my underpants :P
i love both the songs, and the way u did them... *shudders*
it makes me all tingly inside ^^

Note that:

2 Distinct themes;
1 Beat;
1 Flow;

That.. Just blew... My mind..... What you did here is epic, the transitions are so smooth, between two iconic themes of our childhood, that I would never EVER relate in one, just one, epic song! The 8-bit touch took me on a journey of eight years in time.

You, sir, got my most deep respect!

i was sat around

then i logged in just to say this was amassing you get my 5's and my 10

Very well done! I loved how you transitioned from the Pokemon to Dire Dire Docks themes right in the beginning, though there was one thing, to be finicky. That persistent "deee-deee-deeeeooooouuuuuu" seemed a bit annoying when it continued, but then just a little overused (but easily bearable) after a bit. If it were used less frequently, I'd have had no complaints. 5/5 nonetheless!

wow this is just so amazing no joke who would have thought that 2 entirely different themes went so well together :D