Reviews for "Dire Dire Pokemon (8bit)"


Dang it;s surpirising how you made it connect. Some notes seemed dragged on but I'm sure that was intentional. And to be honest sounds more like a GBA then NES but forget specifics, the song was fantastic. And this coming from a guy who doesn't usually like 8-Bit remixes.

seargenthippo responds:

Thanks a lot!

Pure Awesome

I love how they fit together so well.

Thank you!

Usually, I don't like 8 bit mixes too much, but this is different. When I was browsing, I saw the title, and wondered how these songs could possibly mix. You have a good mix: it transitions in between both themes so well. So, thank you, for a great listen.

im a newgrounds reviewer

pokemon is my favourate game in world. lookin for awsome pokemon remix for pokemon rpg im doin wid friend and looks like ive hit the jakpot.
thank you.

This make me want to...

Grab my N64 and glitch the shit out of it so it will somehow let me battle pokemon at Dire Dire Docks, and Bob-omb Battlefield, and thwomps's fortress, and EVERYWHERE!!