Reviews for "Dire Dire Pokemon (8bit)"

i was sat around

then i logged in just to say this was amassing you get my 5's and my 10


I never would've imagined these together, but you made it flow so perfectly! Just gotta say; that riff in the middle gave me goosebumps. :D Your transitions between the two melodies were PERFECT. 10/10 for you!

Note that:

2 Distinct themes;
1 Beat;
1 Flow;

That.. Just blew... My mind..... What you did here is epic, the transitions are so smooth, between two iconic themes of our childhood, that I would never EVER relate in one, just one, epic song! The 8-bit touch took me on a journey of eight years in time.

You, sir, got my most deep respect!


You are on to something here, these two tunes mesh together absurdly well.

Very easy on the ears.


Hit by two massive blocks of nostalgia, I get shivers down my entire body as I usually do when I hear music I love.