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Reviews for "Dire Dire Pokemon (8bit)"

Wonderful! i would have never thought that pokemon could mix with mario so well! And it mixed with one of my favorite mario songs too so thumbs up to you!

wow this is just so amazing no joke who would have thought that 2 entirely different themes went so well together :D

Very well done! I loved how you transitioned from the Pokemon to Dire Dire Docks themes right in the beginning, though there was one thing, to be finicky. That persistent "deee-deee-deeeeooooouuuuuu" seemed a bit annoying when it continued, but then just a little overused (but easily bearable) after a bit. If it were used less frequently, I'd have had no complaints. 5/5 nonetheless!

love it nice work :)

GREAT! I Love this well done! Bleeeeep!