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Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Night One"

Gorefilled Goodness!

I totally agree with everyone who said that there should be some sort of level structure, as well as not just being wave after wave of endless zombies..but should be placed strategically..as well as ammo not falling from zombies who have no place to hold ammo ..it should be picked up alon the storyline of the game. the game should definately be mission based, with keys and puzzles and all that fun stuff. Yet i still say you have created one of the most detailed games ive ever seen on newgrounds, bring it back with a new installment and im sure it will be one of the top games on the site.

Ps loved the little details, like the shotgun blasts having their seperate flashes when it hits the wall! 10/10 for sure

Very good

I think it's a good game, like Flashdragon88 said some more levels would be nice and an objective. Maybe it should be a adventure type game, same gamepley style and all, but instead of just skipping from room to room, after each level finishes you should be able to wander round yourself. But other then that very well done.

good gameplay but add some depth

i think the reloading time is perfect. isnt there any way to get out of this room? more levels and some kind of objective other than seeing how long you can last would be better

good but...

reloading takes way to long

Sexy Dead Fun!!!!

Shutup monster6032....Dont take your "i suck at this game" aggresseion out on the author. Great game can't wait for the finished product.