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Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Night One"

cool but a glitch here!

there is this glitch that keeps ALL the zombies stuck behind the bloody furniture..and right now while i am typing this comment i am in front of a zombie and its so dull it looked like it cud fall over any second

Cool but needs better aiming

I dont like my games headshotless and in small areas

Nice and creepy

As usual, it was a good idea to put forth this game around Halloween time. While it is not that time now, I can still appreciate it. What I really liked about this game is that it is so good at being faithful to the zombie genre. It is everything you would want and expect, being able to just shoot zombies left and right. The gameplay is a bit hard, especially when you have to learn how to move on. It's weird how this was put on the "Action Games" list instead of "Shooting Games".

There are so many zombie games that should be a section itself! Anyway, this was really cool to play also because it did a great job of creating atmosphere with the music. Being alone (well, besides the zombies) in the darkness is always a spooky feeling. I also like how your character has a lot of mobility and flexibility. Keep making this stuff for us zombie fans!

I liked it.

I liked how you used the news paper articles at the beginning to define what happened. I also Like how it is dark, although the darkness could get annoying some of the time. also I think the zombies were just a tad to hard to kill each, and just a tad too few of them, but over all it was a good game


id like it better if it wasn't so laggy.