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Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Night One"

Zombie Huntin' epicness

This game is pretty awesome and slightly difficult but it sure gave me a taste of your MMORPG and fighting zombies in this game was fun I can only imagine how good it would be with friends. And btw, thanks nagini77!

epic game

so intense i heart is racing but i cant get enough it so freaking awesome

heres a tip if anyone wants to know...

So i noticed that there are lots of places where u can get stuck cause you dont see em or you think its passable but not. BUT i found it can be used on the zombies. This could be a spoiler for some cause once you know this the game turns out really easy.... Once you get all three gun go into the bathroom and start killing from there. the zombies from the left get suck and you can still shoot them from the other side and the bathroom has a narrow passage so the zombie can only come from straight on.
fun quick zombie game. :b

Very boring

all you do is run and gun them, if you get into a corner and only have pistol, your screwed, into a corner with a machine pretty much screwed, get into a corner with shotty basically screwed,meaning if you're in a corner not even the gun meant to kill multiple enemies in one shot can kill those zombies to get you out of the corner.the real big thing that stood out for me is that the pistol, the worst weapon in the game, doesn't get inf ammo, i mean it takes me 5 pistol shots to kill one zombie, 15 shots in a clip, no miss = 3 dead zombies, take in reload and limited ammo, your basically doomed if you try to use pistol once you get the machine gun.

this game was good

except that twice over when i beat the big guy there were still zombies either outside or in some sppot where i couldnt fire or they couldnt hit me. sooooooo that pissed me off. other wise me likie lol