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Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Night One"

This reminds me of the 2D version of the MMO...

I miss when the MMO version looked like this. Now this is all I have to remind me of the original. The new style of the MMO version is still great, don't get me wrong, but this style I think suited it better.

The only hard thing about this game is that there is no sprint, as with the online version has sprint. This feature being cut out does make it more intense, however.

There are glitches with some zombies being stuck in the wall, as some have already stated, but that makes the game slightly easier! Haha! This game does seem to go infinite, and it's not bad for an overall time waster. It did get me prepared for the online MMO when it came out (years ago), though!

This game is alot more rough than I thought it would be. It's quite the challenge. Gotta love blood-splattered, gory games with lots of shooting though. Good stuff, thanks man.

Bang Bang Bang!!!

Love the game. Great fun.

Although some of the zombies' speed cant be matched by your character, and the amount of them that fills the room, it's those things and that difficulty that makes the game super fun.

is the game supposed to end?

Some Zombies are stuck inside of the wall, I killed this hella hard bosslike thing, but don't know if the game is supposed to end