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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"


kinda simple
but i love bomberman


I found this to be QUITE boring. add some zing too it, you know.

Bomberman is back...

...in a graphically cute remake. Keyboard controls are ok, music gets a bit repetitive after a while. The main issue I had with this release is not the NES feeling to this game and the adding in of elements clearly recognizable from other titles (Super Mario, Frogger), but the scripting errors. Finally getting to level 20 (final level) after the confusing labyrinth in level 19 only to find that you cannot play it because of a scripting error that doesn't allow the game to start again is a bit disappointing. Get that fixed, and add a more varied score plus better AI on the level bosses and you have yourself a sure fire winner...


I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Not my style so I played the begining a bit but it was rather slow. It probably gets better later but I don't have the patience to play through it. I liked it, it was nice and happy.

Not that great of an idea

Graphics are not bad, but not a big change to the original bomberman. Also Glitch in level 2, where if you cant get of a log and get pushed off to the side, you get stuck.