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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"

What can I say?

But this might be the nexf Zero Wing XD


fun! XD
though i will be honest.. i died over 12 times on the first level.. lol XD

the guy below me has issues

Personally i love anime because most anime is better drawn characters than american cartoons.

back to the game, really really fun! i love it, perfect score. i would be playing it now, but i found a glitch.. when you place a bomb and fall in water in the same row, you get stuck...

Fun until this happened

I have no complaints other then a game ruining bug i encountered. Upon defeating the first boss, I also died. I had placed too many bombs and although I finished the stage, I kept on hearing the sound of losing life a few more times. Then I wanted to buy an item, but bought the wrong one because it showed another item as my selection. Then I couldn't begin the next stage, the screen went black.

The odds of that happening again may be slim, but it did happen.

Advice to all who play: Do not kill the first boss whilst committing suicide.

Omg I couldn't take it.

The looping music, the rather unpleasant feel of it all, just couldn't take it. Its just another Bomberman clone only it was done quite horribly, to be honest. Nice try, but no.