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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"


its very rare that a song makes me tear up...


great composition. fantastic harmonies, beautiful lyrics, and an all around A M A Z I N G piece. very, VERY talented.
absolute, DEFINITE 5/5, 10/10

R.I.P. Alexandra
(p.s. it's not the worst vocal performance, have you heard Friday by Rebecca Black!?)
James Araujo/PRODI-G

<for lack of a better Summary>

All songs with a real background make GREAT pieces. im sorry about your friend, and shes in a better place now. The song is amazing, and the passion in your (the singer's) voice puts the emotion into the music, and tugs at the listeners heartstrings. again, I'm sorry for your loss, and i wish you only the best in your life.

Glorious Tribue

Beautiful words for someone who was truly beautiful on the inside. She would be proud

what are you talking about?

crap? edit the description and remove any negativity because this is absolutley one of the best songs on newgrounds
im sure you have made your friend proud. you should pursue a professional career, cause ther is no doubt you will do great