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Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 05"

Aquaman has a posse

Damn!!, didn't see that one comming,.. ..whahaha, i like your style!

remyzero responds:

HAHAHAH thanks! I got like 8 more to come


keep up the good work, every single one of these tips have been great so far.

remyzero responds:

THANK YOU, people like you that share a weird sense of humour are a rare breed

I cant think of any situation

where someone would be NAKED and in a swamp...

remyzero responds:

really? I can! GIRLS GONE WILD, only in this case, it's some fat freckled ugly ginger boy....who said he was naked???


that was so short! and yet so awesome...plz send me some drawing tips :D

remyzero responds:

hahaha, well let's see. Use your favorite artists, and build upon something they made that you like. I do that sometimes, or just practice practice practice. THANKS!

Tat!Review nr 6!

Good animation and tip. I'l try not too...

remyzero responds:

yeah I lost a cousin this way hahaha