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Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 05"

Advice to remeber

I live in arizona though........no swamps. Just hot hot heat and cactus.

remyzero responds:

wait until it rains..... does it ever rain?


now u gave me swampphobia... not that there are any swanps near where i live but now i cant watch movies about swamp monsters
still funny though

p.s. if irrelivent thinks its funny then y 2/10?

remyzero responds:

hahaha, you know, maybe you should avoid the bathtub too, I hear these fellows like sneaking up the drain holes.



Fart jokes. Funny AND original!

remyzero responds:

man, why the low score then bud??



The kid got owned.
Love to see more.

remyzero responds:

hahah thanks, and you will see more, let's see 13 - 5 = 7, no wait, =8. yeah about 8 more, THANKS!

It was ok...

The basic idea was nice and simple, but the actual animation wasn't exactly amazing.

remyzero responds:

whatchu talkin' bout Willis?