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Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 05"


This was awsome, the best of the tips so far!!!

remyzero responds:

One of my favorites too, thanks!

This was funny.

The Art and Animation in this flash is a great as usual. The character designs looked a little different from your other flashes that you made. The lesson, I though, was stupid at first but then I got the purpose. The sounds were right on Q with the animation, which is great to see. The funniest part was when the fat kid got bitch slapped by the sea monster. The fat kid deserved it. I liked this. This safety tip was interesting. Overall, this flash movie was awesome and I enjoyed watching this! Awesome Work remyzero! :D

-3.66 / 5.00 (+ 0.0073) Voted 5!
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-Happy Halloween!


remyzero responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I'm using different styles in all of them. In tip 3, i freehanded all the drawins, in Tip 4, the BG was only black and white mostly. This one, I thought felt really modern flash style, but dunno. Thanks!



remyzero responds:

hahah glad you liked!


It was good....
I mean it wasnt that bad.


I'm glad to know that these should help me out through next Halloween.... though farting in a bog-like place is something I wouldn't even consider doing from the start 0_0

remyzero responds:

hahaha thanks!