Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 5"


this is good keep it up

[Lucky Candy]

Lucky candy!

Lucky candy give you supa powers!

this was soooooooooooo freakin funny

the only thing was i thoght those shy guys were going 2 do the solja boy.can u do it on ur next?

Me likey.

Yay, you brought back Steve... though I'm darned to think he never actually died in the first place. o_o (I'm referring to second ? block extra after credits, in case any readers wonder what I'm talking about.)

As usual: Good job, want more.


Dude... I know it wasn't in this one but... when that rock guy from 3 or 4 was falling miserably at talking and it said inaudible speech... dude that was the greatest... I laughed so hard I dropped my laptop... also in this one I was sort of expecting them to just grab Daisy or something and dye her hair blond then give her to Bowser but feading Wart little frog children... man you guys RULE