Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 5"

Fungicidal Abortion

That made me laugh my ass off when the Goomba got that horrified look after the Koopa told him he just gave himself an Abortion.

"...or did you just give yourself fungdicidal..."

This is, I gotta say, your best episode yet. I laughed like crazy when the talked about Wart eating his own children..heh heh...and I laughed even harder when they forgot to lift the iron ball of of Peach! I laughed even HARDER when Hal said "Wow, then this thing must be a birth control pill equivalent...or did you just give yourself fungicidal abortion?" and because Jeff WAS a FUNGI, I was laughing so hard! Awesome video!


Having Wort eat his own children is fantastic!! Rucky candy for all!!!!


I love these Lucky Candy bits, they make me laugh every time! Plus I loved how they only needed a 1-Up from Wart and Kamek's plan! Lol!!!!


at the end the ? blocks are hilarious and also explain how steve appeared in the next episode (cause you know, he died)