Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 5"

Lucky Candy Witch Doctor

Your animation, sound, voice, and story are all superb once again. Bringing Princess Toadstool back to life to bring her back to Bowser is awesome. I enjoyed the side characters once again, the witch-doctors and Karate Duo #1. I'm also glad that you brought back Steve with the easter egg at the end of the movie. It was funny and well written... Great Job!

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Voice
*Superb Story

|| Bad Points ||


lucky candy taste the power

really good

you improved on the animation. yay

i want lucky candy:(

im eatin all my left over easter candy now... lol


OMG This was such a funny episode, and the whole thing with Karate Duo Number 1 and their commercial was plain out awesome!