Reviews for "Mr. Peanut"

One of my Faves

I have to say this was one of the best flash vids i have ever seen. Saw it first on Explosm, great ending. 8/10


specially that part of the peanut factory , very unexpected good job

good stuff.

I expected his death, but I didn't know it would be so sudden. I also love the "prize" in the can. haha. The whole Ad for the PB was gold too. overall, I loved it. keep 'em coming!

Anticipated End

I enjoyed this. The beginning was very peaceful and seemed almost surreal to me. Later in this flash, however, the true nature of Mr. Peanuts job becomes apparent. I wish the best for his family... The animations were good and consistent, although I personnally prefer brighter colours.

Try using gradients for the sky, as it (In my opinion) is the only thing requiring one. Also, next time try to leave the 'catch' out of your characters lines. He should've said he was "Going to work" instead of "Going to work at _________"

:Across The Board:
If you hate peanuts, you'll love this flash...



The end was predicatable but it made me laugh a lot