Reviews for "BrokenNeddle vs Glitch NGHH11"


I couldn't understand broken-needle at all. Would have been a better battle if the mic quality was better for both, but Glitch clearly took this.


Was that an actual battle??? what was his hype track? Anyway im glad you won this glitch, i probably woulda cried if ya didn't


I give this to Glitch, reason why is simple, I felt Needle was off beat in his first verse like wow.

His second wasnt that bad, but Glitch brought the murder along with him, his punchlines were way stronger, and I could understand him better.

Great job to both emcee's.

I don't know..

I can't take Broken-Needle seriously. I try to read and decipher the lyrics and no matter how i look at it... they make no sense. Now i don;t know.. Is it only me? maybe I'm just retarded or something... but i just can't make sense of them. That is the main issue with Broken-Needle.. if his lyrics made sense then he would be alright.

Glitch had a better flow and better lyrics.

Props to both of you.

I'm with Glitch on this one.

glitchs2d responds:

Thanks for the review


glitch was more clear, but can be clearer. He went in harder, especially in the last verse: "in the first round you couldnt even finish your eight
Then I came along and just killed you on the break."