Reviews for "BrokenNeddle vs Glitch NGHH11"


glitch was more clear, but can be clearer. He went in harder, especially in the last verse: "in the first round you couldnt even finish your eight
Then I came along and just killed you on the break."


I give this to Glitch, reason why is simple, I felt Needle was off beat in his first verse like wow.

His second wasnt that bad, but Glitch brought the murder along with him, his punchlines were way stronger, and I could understand him better.

Great job to both emcee's.

3.05 / 5.00 (+ 0.34)

that was good stuff bro, I wish u luck in further rounds=) I do gotta admit I fucked up earlier and did 2 many bars, so i just redid my first verse completely in 5 mins; cuz I underestimated u=P

glitchs2d responds:

Thanks dude I want to see you in this next year to man

I'm calling the cops...

I just witnessed a murder - Glitch, you moving on man..

Is "deaded" a word? Who gives a shit ... lol.


I couldn't understand broken-needle at all. Would have been a better battle if the mic quality was better for both, but Glitch clearly took this.