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Reviews for "Slaughter I ( Extended )"

BIG meh...

It's jut boring...someone gets killed by some unoriginal monster for no apparent reason, then another gets killed in her hotel room...no plot, no development, and it ends with the worst attempt at a cliffhanger I've ever seen. Even the graphics leave more than a bit to be desired. Keep trying.

I just dont see the point

I didnt really see the point to this flash. I person with no character developement doesnt really phase an interest to me. Violence isnt scary when your use to seeing it on other flash and just because your mommy spent 1000 dollars on an expensive flash with background mapping doesnt make it good. Your artwork is deplorable at best. The monster seemed like a combination of a pinsir bug and a bull,woopie. Another reason not to do LSD kids.


well... not really...
but its kinda creepy
theres 2 things i wanna know
1. why was the first girl bound, gagged and bleeding in the middle of a forest and
2. why did it take the second one so long to realise the monster is there
good music though

are you scared? answer NO

This was nicely done however it was not very SCARY like the title suggests.

Very atmospheric!

Loved the choice of music and the drifting fog and everything. The only suggestion I'd make is get someone to do voice acting, as the subtitled speech kind of let it down near the end. Good work besides that, though!