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Reviews for "Overtime - Jatkoaika"


pirun upea.
tommosen angstisen sulonen söpistelyfilmi.
mukavan rauhallinen katsoa.
pikkusen saisi edetä hieman nopeampaa tahtia minun makuuni.

upeaa jälkeä olet saanut aikaan muuten kyllä.
näitä lisää.

It's a fact...

Now I love EVERYONE made this...I mean seriously...


This film was freaky yet heart-warming at the same time!!
I know that sounds sick but it was touching.... the storyline was whack but funny at the same time

good job.

i'm speechless

that was disturbing, amazing and beautiful.

:'( Very Sad

Nice job on the story it almost made me cry...well animated Thumbs up :)