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Reviews for "Overtime - Jatkoaika"

wow very good

im very impressed u did a very good job with the story and art work ^^ good job


ok i got no words to describe this i dont know maybe its just me but i found it realy bad, first the animation ehh wtf ok i understand maybe it was what you ware after im cool with that i can always skip the animation bit np as long as the story is good but i found that just well how do i put it crapy yes thats the word im lookin for not grose not funny not even entertaining a lital bit. Wish you luck with the next one.

Nice and slick!

I really enjoyed the style of this. Keep it up!


i don't think i have the right words to describe it.

that was so artistic... just amazing.



That was kinda sick...
But still, this might be the best flash movie i've seen in a long time.