Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"

Em-Hotep barely even said anything to address Self directly, even though he had decent lines. Seemed more like he was just reciting some old lines. On the other hand, most of Self's lines were actually DIRECTED at Em-Hotep.

Yeah, so...

I have to give it to Self by a little, but maybe you should just send the track back to both of them and tell them to just try again?


im-hotep had a chance on his 1st verse cuz he flowed well with the beat but he just killed it on that 2nd verse. sick beat tho

Red, are you dumb?

This kid sucks, Self can't flow. and he's stealing raps. xD Next year I'm gonna have to crush this kid. Nukebomb '12 xD

Self: The Bluest Eye wins

Self: The Bluest Eye should take it with one line "sounding like a wack E-40, when you flop."