Reviews for "Just Rad"

It wasn't too bad

The graphics weren't amazing, but hey, they were o...k.... the madness idea was a little odd, but I wen't with it... it was pretty good overall, good job, I voted 3!

ShortMonkey responds:

Cheers for the review

I like it... its hmmmmmm RAD :D

I like it. its madness and a bunch of random stuff.

ur madness guy

suk fat one but i gave you 5/5 becaus ei like to see madness grow untill its bigger than the groops and crews and clocks

that was awesome

I really loved that

Although i thought any minute I was going to have a seizure lol

I liked the art and at first I thought i was going to hate it because I thought you were going to look the cupe thing and the island the whole time but then more stuff was added and I was really impressed.

Very nicely done.

ShortMonkey responds:


hey sir its

taht was tottaly, random and crazy, as the title. good job