Reviews for "Just Rad"


the girl ringing the doorbell had her hands on backwards :-p

ShortMonkey responds:

Don't make fun of the deformed. >:(

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Ok, this was kind of neat to watch. There were some nice drawings in here and good animations as well. Some talent was shown throughout this movie. Good music choices too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really sure whether I really like this or not. It was very repetitive with very quick, looping animations. Some of them were even from some of your other movies, and since I haven't seen them all, many of them could have been taken from your others.

ShortMonkey responds:

I took no parts off flashes on Newgrounds onto here.... but yes, I have used some graphics from other flashes in unfinished sequels. ;-)


This entertained me.

Well I liked how you synced the animation with the music you had. The animation in this movie was pretty good. I realy liked the randomness, althought some of the clips could have been more detailed and complex.

Well I remeber reviewing your "Axe vs Line" and after I saw that in thge movie I wondered if all these were taken from your animations. Which is kinda cool, but I would have rather seen more origional stuff.

A pretty good movie, it made me laugh.

~Review Request Club~

ShortMonkey responds:

Thanks for the review... and the Ax part is actually a part of my unfinished sequel to Ax vs Line so I thought I should place a clip in here. :-)

Yes, it's Rad.

Audio: Some Loops Thrown Together. Did you just throw these loops together yourself after you'd made the flash, or did you throw them together and then think "This would be so much better with pictures" and make this animation?

Aside from the red growing animation, most of it was repeated early on, which does take a way from the final piece a little. Give us more of a buildup and less animation repeats and you're certainly onto a winner :)

Not that I'm saying I didn't like these tweens you've done, but you could have made them a little more complex... and longer as well.

I'd like to see you come up with an animation for one of SBB's pieces (Linked in the Review Request Club) - he's given us some pretty damn amazing pieces and if you could come up with a concept of a flash for them, well, I really would look forward to the finished product there :)

[Review Request Club]

ShortMonkey responds:

I should check out his stuff and may use it in a Flash. Thanks for the review.

Nice Music

There wasn't a ton to watch since it repeated a lot, but it went really well with the music. The graphics were pretty good and the animation was pretty good as well.

Unfortunately as soon as I was getting into it, it was over. =(

ShortMonkey responds:

lol... shoulda made it longer, eh? :)