Reviews for "button TEST"

kinda lame

i did not have fun playing this game, keep trying!

The-Milk-Man responds:



i think the button is broken try to fix it

The-Milk-Man responds:

Works fine for me

I feel used.

I can't give this a good score, because all it was was a button with an interesting sound clip.

Anything when you press the button would have been awesome, "button test" is just a letdown.

The-Milk-Man responds:

I used you

Lol, funny stuff!

Lol i listened until it started repeating. You should make it so when you press it it makes a huge explosion or something.

BTW that was from a ren and stimpy episode where they went to space =P

The-Milk-Man responds:



I wish people would stop posting every code test they make.

BTW audio is from Ren & Stimpy before it started to suck...

(Thought I posted this once already...)

The-Milk-Man responds:

I'll make more if you like