Reviews for "Delta Fusion"


awesome game, sets a new "spin" on the matching color genre of puzzle game.
To those who say it's too easy, you didn't even bother to get to 3 colors did you.
And hey your controls didn't work that's no reason to give a bad score! Give your computer a bad score!

great game, genius design.

Great Game!

I was on stage 15, and then firefox crashed :D Dammit. Played against my friend. :D

One of the best games evah!

controls were easy
very retro (tetris wit a twist!)
And I found the shape ;] but im naht tellin!


Sweet. Really original and fun!

I Love it

its a great game, kinda hard to get use to right away, could have used an opening page,

music and sounds where good, and i liked the usage of 360 spin, i was using that to just keep a peice in mid air,, its like a sick and twisted vertion of tetris