Reviews for "Half Beard"



Bobert-Rob responds:

A beard scratcher, to be sure. All fraction of beard scratchers, even. Quite truely.


runeeescappeeeeeee runescapppeeeee LOL Love the humor , feels like something me and my friends would make, congrats it's amazing i watch it like once a month....

PS. Nananana na na nananana HALF BEARD! Nananana na na nananana HALF BEARD!

song is so addictive


Really original idea, and funny animation. KEEP UM COMMMING!!!

very good

"You cant do this to me i am rob (what ever his last name was) brother of john (what ever his last name was) up there in the blinking look at him and know my asociation with him"

i loved it

to bad i couldent hear the last names

Bobert-Rob responds:

Winchester. Yeah, I kind of sped through that, didn't I? Ah well. And yes, it's the same as my real last name, since they're based more or less on me and my younger brother. Thanks for the review!

this is great...lol

NOW PRESENTING THE MAGNIFICENT SPLENDER OF HALF BEARD!!!......HAAAALF BEEARD!........ i love it sooo much.... i am going to grow a half beard i will take pics.....lol

Bobert-Rob responds:

I someday want to create a gallery of pics of all the fans who attempted a half beard at some point due to this cartoon. Will I ever, though? Probably not, due to lack of photos. But it would still be fun, right?! Yep. Anyway, thanks for the comment!